Dec 3

Kikoda Empowers IT

A world-class software development team

Since opening in 2016, Kikoda has become well-known for helping clients Empower IT—in the tech world, in the realm of excess & surplus lines insurance, and in healthcare.

The fast-growing company was founded by senior software engineers with over 45 years’ experience in the industry and has blossomed to nearly 40 highly talented IT professionals.

Headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida, Kikoda caters to nationally prominent clients that specialize in insurance, government, and healthcare. These clients have benefitted from an array of services ranging from IT consulting to the development of full-scale, custom enterprise applications.

Kikoda was formed around the simple philosophy that every client’s needs are unique and require specially tailored solutions. Executive Vice President Chris Korta described this hands-on approach: “We possess a careful, detail-oriented ethos around how we develop software for our customers, so the end product is something that not only fits the company’s needs but is also a pleasure to use.”

One of the key ways Kikoda accomplishes this goal is by building modern applications that stand the test of time. To achieve this extremely high standard, the company engages in a deep-dive business analysis phase to arrive at the optimal technical design of the product. Only then do they begin the user interface design, creating products with stress-free customer experience. Additionally, Kikoda is an AWS Select Consulting Partner, working with businesses to migrate technical assets to the cloud—including high-value and high-sensitivity data, such as health information protected under HIPAA. Kikoda builds cost-effective, extremely secure cloud environments and facilitates a seamless transition.

None of Kikoda’s success would be possible without the commitment to cultivating close relationships with clients. It’s this “human touch” that really sets Kikoda apart.

About Kikoda

Kikoda is a client-focused software company providing comprehensive IT services including custom software development, team scaling, cloud and platform solutions (IaaS, PaaS), data analytics, and business intelligence services…just to name a few.