What’s Different
About Kikoda?


Fast, Affordable, and Onshore

Kikoda engineers are U.S.-based, world-class developers. You can count on us to deliver competitive pricing, top-notch services, and high-speed turnaround.

Passionate and Ultra-Responsive

Your success is our success – we take the time to learn about what you need from IT so we can help your team take effective action to meet your goals.

Professional Yet Approachable

We not only create well-built, reliable software that exceeds your expectations, we also endeavor to be just the partner you want—true, trusted, and there.

Flexible and Transparent

By partnering with us, you can expect outstanding collaboration and turn-on-a-dime execution – all done in the spirit of teamwork as we work alongside your IT team.

Hybrid-Agile Methodology

Using Hybrid-Agile methodologies allows us to part the digital curtain, so everybody stays connected and informed on progress as your work develops.

Proprietary Recruiting and Matchmaking

Don’t spend time and resources on recruitment when Kikoda can do it for you! We’ll power-up your team with perfectly-matched IT professionals.

What We Think

We love thinking and talking about IT. Take a look at some of our recent news and blog posts on tech topics that may be pertinent to you.