Power Up
with Data Analytics

Drive your business forward with end-to-end data insights.

There’s gold in your data.

Your business likely has a gold mine of data that’s sitting on a server somewhere – most businesses do. By tapping into and correlating all your sources of data, you’re able to get a full picture of your business inside and out - uncovering trends and metrics never before seen and enabling your organization to make informed, data-driven decisions.

We can help capture,
process, and manage your data

Kikoda’s experts use powered-up business intelligence technologies to organize, navigate and put all your data on view – by applying advanced analytics techniques to capture, manage, and process your data in real-time at a large scale, you’re able to spend less time wading through your data so you can focus on what matters.

Empower your team to make data-driven decisions.

Our data analytics solutions give you the tools to make your data accessible and easy to understand, so that your teams are able to collaborate effectively, make data-driven business decisions, and build a competitive advantage. Through actionable data insights and predictive analytics, you’re empowered to anticipate the unexpected and forecast scenarios before they happen – giving you the agility to quickly and efficiently drive your business forward.

So, what is big data?

Big data refers to large and diverse sets of data, usually from many different sources, that is largely inaccessible or unusable. Many businesses use excel spreadsheets to organize and manage their data but this method is not only time consuming and prone to human error, it’s also difficult to visualize the trends and insights your data is highlighting. Our data analytics solutions help you to modernize your data management and future-proof your enterprise.

Unleash the Power of Data

Using scalable cloud computing and powerful analytics tools, you’re able to effectively visualize and extract valuable information across your entire organization in real-time. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from data analytics to streamline organizational processes and make more confident decisions while driving value. Proactively turn your strategic goals into responsive initiatives by leveraging data analytics!

Analyze consumer
behavior and sales trends

Evaluate and monitor company financials

Detect potential opportunities… and pitfalls

Monitor performance and improve employee potential

Measure KPIs and other useful business metrics

Create a single source of truth within your organization

Create a Data Culture within your organization


Clients powered by data

Kikoda successfully implements cloud-based data analytics in the Insurance and Healthcare industries
Through customized analytics dashboards, our clients are able to establish a data culture and have confidence in the data analytics they use internally to make critical business decision, report to the public accurately and consistently, and forecast critical trends in their respective industries.

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